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Relax and unwind in the peaceful surroundings of the Conwy Valley. Panoramic views of the farm and nature surrounds you…

Pen Bryn Twrw

All rental is donated to the Sanctuary

The Pen Bryn Twrw farmhouse and Idlewild Animal Sanctuary is situated in a fantastic location overlooking the Conwy Valley. It is an unrivalled position to take in the beautiful North Wales landscape and tourist attractions. Ideal for walkers and lovers of the glorious countryside and historical interests, not to forget the beautiful beaches less than 30 minutes away!

The house is nestled into the centre of the 12 acre Animal Sanctuary that is a safe haven for unwanted abandoned and sick or disabled animals.

While onsite you will get a chance to meet the animals and maybe even help with feeding times if you like! You will be able to go for a stroll around the free ranging animal fields and get to know the animals.

How our donations are used...


We rescue a range of injured and abandoned animals. We regularly rescued disabled animals that require additional care and provide a safe have for these animals. We rescue animals from food production settings and slaughter, these animals come into us in appalling conditions.


A substantial amount of work we do at the sanctuary is rehabilitation. We rehabilitate injured wildlife, livestock and unwanted animals that the owners can not provide the care they need. We will always do the best we can for any animal in need.


We re-home a range of animals at the Sanctuary. The majority of animals we re-home are cats, but we also re-home ducks, sheep, and other livestock. Home-checks and adoption fees apply to ensure that animals are re-homed in a suitable environment and to a forever home.

Wildlife Rescue

We are developing a Wildlife Hospital at the Sanctuary, due to the increased amount of wildlife that is being bought in to us. This includes pigeons, owls, crows and rabbits. We need a large intensive care unit to give these animals the best chance possible.

Veterinary bills

As a registered charity, we have over 152 animals at the sanctuary! The majority of these animals need specialist care, are on medication and need regular Veterinary treatments. By booking a stay at Pen Bryn Twrw, you are directly contributing to helping the Sanctuary and for this we are grateful.

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